23rd June - 2nd July 2023


Everyday from 1830hrs-2300hrs

The Malta Trade Fair is back.

The perfect event, spread over 20,000 square meters - or close to the size of 3 football pitches - in which the latest products, services and special offers are presented by local and foreign exhibitors.

Visit us every day from 1830hrs to 2300hrs to satisfy your shopping needs, your eating cravings and to have a great time. There are also ample parking spaces available - so a complete hassle-free environment awaits you.

Why these sticky notes?

You've always got thoughts and wishes on your mind. You need to update your outdoor furniture, replace the BBQ, get rid of the old sofa with a great looking leather one, install a fabulous chandelier in the living room, invest in solar panels, beat the heat with a 12,000BTU airconditioner...endless thoughts and wishes live in your mind just like sticky notes. It is here, at the Malta Trade Fair, that these sticky notes become reality.

With over 100 exhibitors, finding where they are might be difficult.

Here's the floorplan of the 63rd edition of the Malta Trade Fair which indicates the positioning of each stand by name.