Bio Aqua Garden is a registered company in Malta for development of Sustainable Agriculture without using any chemicals to naturally grow crops. Innovative method of Bio Aqua Garden is a combination of Aquaponics (freshwater fish, such as carp) and Soil with technology to produce crops efficiently, environment friendly and sustainable. We have invented a machine which has several benefits compared to traditional farming or aquaponics for that matter. Our method is semi-automated, uses less space/increases growing area, saves over 95% water consumption, enables healthier, safer, high quality, tastier and locally grown chemical-free produce. Our invention enables farmers to have a high quality produce all year around. Also we attract younger generations into farming, as our method does not require hard labor work or heavy machinery. We are offering the possibility of growing not only vegetation but fish which nurtures the growth of vegetation, fruits and herbs, also once the fish is grown to full potential it is edible as fish can be any freshwater fish.

Our Innovative technology using Aquaponics principle may be set up in conjunction with Greenhouses that already exist and have solar panels  in order to utilize both in and on top of the greenhouse to its full potential. Which means you are using a system that is Self Sustainable, Ecological, Environmental Friendly and Energy saving whilst growing healthy crops and maintaining a balance between fish and vegetable growth to be insync.