NemNem Candle, a new local brand by Heritage Homes, launched in mid 2019.  

The brand name was intentionally chosen to symbolise and showcase the item’s nature, one which portrays a unique and innovative candle, while glorifying Maltese tradition and culture. 

NemNem Candle currently manufactures two lines of candles, the pillar candle and the jar candle. Pillar candles are purposely carved creating a unique glowing pattern while burning. As for the candle jars, we opted to create and produce our own eco-pots, made of solvent free material which solidifies at room temperature, avoiding the use of fossil fuel during baking . These jars are filled with high-quality, scented natural wax and specifically designed to incorporate Maltese traditional motifs. Doing so has allowed this company to be a key contributor to Malta’s environmental and cultural scene. 

With the company’s continuous market research, the intention is to keep our line of products unique, innovative, creative and proudly Maltese.