One more day left!

Annalisa has won the 10th €1,000 cheque which she will put towards buying some new doors

Tomorrow is the last day in which you can visit the exhibitors, possibly grab a great deal whilst also try to win the last €1,000 up for grabs together with winning one of 2 €5,000 vouchers which can be used to buy anything your heart desires, as were presented and displayed by all exhibitors participating in this, the 63rd edition of the Malta Trade Fair.

Sebastian came to shop - he leaves with a €1,000 cheque


The stars were smiling down on Sebastian today when in the daily 2200hrs Deal or no Deal type game, he battled through and avoided temptation to win the much sought after prize.

2 days are left in which one can win this prize. There have already been 9 lucky winners. You never know - it could be you tomorrow!


Special mention to:

Together with the €1,000 cash, there are 5 companies who kindly offer daily 'consolation' prizes.

These companies are:

S. Trek

36 North Imports

Caffe Buongiorno


Ponte Ferries

We're now kicking off the 6th day of the fair.

We've already handed out €5,000 to 5 lucky winners and will continue to do so until next Sunday, 3rd July.

On this last day, we will also be announcing the 2 winners who will each get a €5,000 voucher to spend with one or all of the exhibitors who participated this year.

Marthese has just experienced the joy of winning €1,000.

In a nailbiting finale to today's deal or no deal game, Marthese opened the box herself to find out that she had won today's hefty prize.

What a way to end the evening!

Rita is the second winner of the €1,000 prize. Visit tonight to possibly be the 3rd lucky winner.

Bashful Rita was crowned winner last night - and took home a bulging cheque of €1,000 just by being eagle eyed throughout the stands to find the sticky note with which one can participate in the deal or no deal type game.

Come over tonight - you never know, like Kieran and Rita, you could be going home €1,000 richer!

The first lucky €1,000 winner. Don't worry - there are another 10 up for grabs.

Kieran, the lucky winner of the €1,000 cash prize had to battle hard to keep his box during the 'deal or no deal' type game held by Danusan.

He held on to his box and finally, without accepting any temptations to swap boxes with other contestants, he was crowned the first winner.

Remember - this could also be you just by visiting the Malta Trade Fair and finding the sticky note in one of the stands with the €1,000 on it.

And it started. The 63rd edition kicks off in style.

Thursday 23rd June will go down in history as the re-start of the ever popular Malta Trade Fair after 2 years of closure owing to the pandemic.

We're open every day from 1830hrs through 2300hrs until Sunday 3rd July.

Entrance is only €3 per ticket and children under the age of 12 are free. Pets are very much welcome. It is, after all, an event for the entire family. 

Over 110 exhibitors



From cars to mobile phone cases, the 63rd edition of the Malta Trade Fair is proving to be a great success after 2 years of complete inaction owing to the pandemic.

From June 23rd through July 3rd, come visit all exhibitors at your convenience daily from 1830hrs through 2300hrs