Every day, 5 stickers, placed every 30 minutes after 1900hrs, looking like large sticky notes will be randomly placed on various items and in different places around the Fair grounds. All you need to do is have a keen eye to find one of these. Then pick it up and take it to the main stage area where you details will be taken.

At this stage, you might be leaving the Malta Trade Fair €1,000 richer!


Every evening at 2200hrs, all those visitors who would have found these stickers will participate in a 'Deal or No Deal' style game. Dan u San will try to get you to accept various sized boxes with small gifts ranging from a tennis ball to a toaster - yet in one of them will be the grand prize of €1,000. And every day, guaranteed, someone will walk away with this prize money. 


By attending the Malta Trade Fair, you're also in the chance of winning one of 2 €5,000 vouchers that will be redeemed amongst one or many exhibitors currently participating. Simply fill in the entrance ticket and place in the urn. At the end of the fair, 2 lucky winners will be able to either buy a car, furnish their home, update their airconditioning units...the choice is limitless.


Make sure to visit all stands, as many exhibitors will also have their own lotteries and competitions which may be held daily, or as a grand prize at the end of the Malta Trade Fair

One such exhibitor is ROCS who are offering one lucky visitor a holiday every month for an entire year!

You will spend 12 magical weekends in:

London - Paris - Madrid - Rome - Vienna - Prague - Sicily - Milan - Amsterdam - Berlin - Zurich - Lyon.